Motivational Quotes (and their lessons) for Your Workspace

If you're lucky enough to have a workspace you can decorate, what do you surround yourself with? If I had an office, I'd love to fill it with inspirational prints.

you can do anything but not everything.jpg

This print by Crafty Lemon Prints reminds us that although we may well be capable of anything we decide upon, we can't do it all. Well, not at once anyhow. On a practical level this may be as simple as learning to delegate or to start hiring people to take over some non-critical tasks, but on a wider level it's about accepting we can't expect everything from ourselves. Some things may need to take a back seat for a while, we can't be working on every aspect of our life all at one time.

be kind to yourself.jpg

Be kind to yourself is the message from Spell and Tell. We're usually our own harshest critic, holding ourselves up to an ideal marker that we'd never expect our loved ones to reach. We may over analyse our choices or words, long after everyone has forgetten about them. Be kind, know that you're a good person and you'll make mistakes, or be less than perfect. No one is perfect. If you make your choices and decisions from a good and kind place, that's good enough.

i choose happiness.jpg

Do you choose your own moods? The Motivated Type has this print that reminds us that we are in charge. We aren't in control over the events that happen in our lives, but we can always choose our response to them. Don't be a passive thinker, actively reflect on your thoughts and the words you fill your mind with.

someone elses chaper 20.jpg

Again from Spell and Tell, a reminder of how toxic comparisons can be. The online world makes this so easy, but we all have different journeys, and our autobiographies will all contain different versions of the same basic story. You may be on your early chapters, so comparing yourself to someone's half way point should be inspiring, not soul destroying. It doesn't mean you won't get there, you're just not there yet.

will it even matter.jpg

Latte Design asks, "Will it even matter?" and the answer is usually no. Things that feel overwhelming are soon long forgotten memories. The stressful moments are not the ones that you remember, the arguments and tears are not worth holding onto. Reminding yourself of perspective is sensible and can help make the nasty things seem a little less nasty.

do something today.jpg

This print is from The Motivated Type is the reminder that small steps in a conscious direction is still a step forward.What will help get you to where you want to be?