Monkey bars and perseverance

learning the monkey bars

Ask most adults to try and use a set of monkey bars, and I'd expect to see a lot of fear and laughter. I've been attending a local training session run by my P.T, which always ends with the monkey bars. In my small group, the women are strong beasts, and can get from one side to the other. They generally work on technique. Enter me.

My first attempt was obviously just a fail. In the coming weeks, my goal was to just hang, and I'd recieve enthusiastic claps when I managed to just stay up there for a few seconds. 

The sessions have finished now, I think I attended five, over 7-8 weeks. But last night.....I hit a massive non-scale victory. I had two attempts at those monkey bars. The first attempt resulted in me being able to hold onto the next bar, with one hand. GET IN. So I'd been able to lift one arm off, support myself with one hand, until I gripped the new bar, and so then I had one hand on each different bar. Seems so small, but blimey, it felt like I was about to take over the world.

Second attempt. I was able to repeat my removal and replacement of one hand to a new bar. Then I moved my second arm/hand to join in. And I hung with both hands, on the new bar. BOOM.

Then I dropped to the ground; let's not get carried away here.

However, my point is that we need to remember to perservere. Change is slow, and we can't rely on instant or quick changes. But change comes. We just have to keep showing up. It's also critical to have reference points, otherwise you don't notice those changes when they do come. As we all know, weight is not a great measurement (hence I don't weigh myself), so I'm a fan of fitness related markers such as these monkey bars. Just over a month ago, I could barely grip and hold my body hanging from the bar, let alone move it anywhere. Maybe in a year I will be able to get to the other side?