Modern Marilyn Hair

We recently entered two submissions for a hair contest with Sexy Hair. The brief was Marilyn-inspired with a modern 2014 twist. 6 entries would be shortlisted for a public vote. Neither of our photos were shortlisted.

One of shortlisted entries is a straight bob, and one is a braided creation.

Sometimes we fail. We don't always succeed and that has to be okay. It's like a job interview; sometimes you just won't get the role you think you're perfect for. We don't always know what the interviewer is looking for exactly, and it isn't always a reflection on us. We may just not fit.

Similarly it's like dating. Someone may not want to date you again, but it doesn't mean you're deficent. You're just not right. Just not the right fit that time. 

We didn't win, and we're disappointed - we think we do modern Marilyn pretty darn well, but that's ok. We just weren't the right fit this time. Watch out for us next time ;-)