Modern Hairdressers and Vintage Cuts

Ever since getting my first ever Bettie bangs cut in (this was the first day I ever had them cut in!) - 

Copyright - Tony Nylons

My body seems so bare without all of my tattoos! This was in Feb 2009 by the way. This hair was done by Nina Butkovich-Budden (of Nina's Hair Parlour) who specialises in vintage cuts and styling.

After that, I visited It's Something Hells (where Miss Betty specialises in vintage and rockabilly hair cuts and styling) and I used to get my fringe trimmed at least once a month.

Watching Miss Betty cutting in a fringe is a work of art! You imagine it would be a quick job, but she won't let you leave the chair until it is perfect!

More recently I have been unable to get to It's Something Hells, and after failing to find any hairdressers who can cut the fringe in the corrects shape, I have taught myself how to do it at home.

I recently had a much more modern haircut - after visiting a Tony & Guy near my house.


The lovely lady at Toni&Guy used my own fringe as a guide and trimmed it, and it was all ok. She reminded me that I didn't have to cut my own, I could pop in for a free trim. Today I thought I'd brave a visit, and visit the shop. Sadly she wasn't there, but a man who (who I believe is the manager). I thought it would be pretty safe as he could follow the fringe line that was already there. I explained very clearly that the fringe would be a U shape, and shorter at the sides.

Twice he showed me the mirror, but both times it was still a modern fringe which turns down at the end. For the third time I explained it should be a U, and he needed to trim the edges.

This is what I ended up with:

Where he has finally tried to trim the sides.....

I am happy to get home and trim it all myself. Lesson learned. Modern hairdressers just seem pretty unable to cut bettie bangs....its so odd! I'll do it myself next time.


 I have scary eyes in this pic! This is me after I've trimmed it up. Its a tad short, but at least the correct shape!