Moblie Phones: My history with technology

I am finally attempting to sort my 'technology box' - that tardis that contains all the chargers, wires, plugs and old cameras and phones that you no longer need but feel obligated to keep 'just in case'.

I found all of these mobile phones, that have served me over the years. Tiny text-only screens, tinny ring tones, and the first ever texts I sent - all memories contained in these phones.


My first ever phone (the one on the far left) was given to me, and I didn't even want it. The Virgin Acatel (2nd from left) was my 6th form college phone - the first time I realised how to flirt via text message. The classic Nokia (third from left) in a very bizarre case. That odd blue Nokia was dropable, and it bounced! Clam phones took over for a while, and I adored my white Sony Ericsson.

I also stumbled across my old Mini Disk.


I remember I bought it from Our Price, as it felt like mini disk were the way forward from CDs. I only ever transferred one CD to a mini disk. I basically never used it, and very shortly after, the MD bubble burst.


Now, which charity would benefit from my phones? Do they still run that scheme?


ETA - Some particular schemes that interest me: - They recognifigure old phones so that they only dial 999 for victims of domestic abuse. - Refuge are against domestic violence and get £3.50 per phone, and the phones get sent to the developing world to be used out there.