Midwinter Pottery: Glendale by John Russell in Fashion Shape


I'm usually very good at not buying random vintage china, but in honour of my new flat (I'm moving next week) I treated myself to this little plate set. It has one large serving plate, four medium plates, and five side dishes. Apologies that I don't know the proper terms! I picked them up in a charity shop for £8.


I always like to know a bit about stuff I own, so I trotted off like a happy bunny to Google. Sadly I'm still a little confused! I would appreciate any help!


So, the set is Midwinter Pottery, which started in 1910, but really came into its own in the 1950s. Roy Midwinter used top quality designers including Terrance Conran, John Russell, and Peter Scott. It seems the 'Fashion Shape' was produced from 1955 onwards.

I noticed that the stamps had different numbers, the one above has 3-67, and the ones below have 11-66 and 2-67, are they month and year stamps?