Mermaid hair in London

Looking for mermaid locks in London? You've come to the right place. We fill our days with rainbow hair, and we're not afraid to push the boundaries. We adore Olaplex as our bond builder of choice (the original and best!), and we love playing with mermaid colours to create your dream hair.

mermaid in London

We'll help guide you, based on our experience with these fun and bright colours. You may have a hair type that is more suited to bold colours for example, as not everyone can get light enough for pastel shades.

We use Olaplex in all of our colour changes, as we know that it is the best protection for your hair while bleaching. Olaplex is added into the bleach, and again to the hair at the back wash, to lessen the damage that bleach does (in able to lighten your hair). It helps to prevent future snapping and general hair sadness. It also helps to repair the existing damage within the hair strand.

Blue hair in london

We're a salon in Hoxton, east London, right near Shoreditch, and we have tons of transport links, and clients who come from near and wide. We're straight talkers.....if we don't think your hair will get you to where you want it, we'll tell you so. We say no to a lot of people, not because we're mean, but because we care about your hair and wallet!

green hair shoreditch

So if you're thinking of a colour transformation, drop us a line and we'll happily offer our advice, offer a price quote and hopefully see you as a mermaid some time soon!