Mermaid Hair- Blues and Greens

In the hair world, trends come and go each season, and in the world of 'alternative' and bright hair, there has definitely been a trend for blue, greens and generally "mermaid hair". The term mermaid hair is used a lot on social media to describe all sorts of cartoon coloured hair. Personally I tend to use it to describe cartoon hair in colours of the ocean, but it's hardly a hard and fast rule! Mermaid hair can just be bright and bold and long!

This was our before, bleached hair with faded pink (which has faded into two main bands of colour) and dark roots. It's a great demonstration of how the ends which are more damaged/bleached struggle to hold onto the colour in the same way as the pink sections.

We needed to bleach the roots, before being able to tackle refreshing the temporary colours.

 It's always so much fun when a client is up for a change and gives over control to what they'll end up with. Gives our stylists a chance to really explore their creativity!

Blimey, that's better! Pink is long gone, ocean coloured mermaid locks are saying a big and bold hello.