Men: A scarf isn't just a scarf

A scarf is not only an essential during the winter months, but a fun way to experiment with style, without going the whole hog. It's also a great accessory to invest in, as you get to enjoy it each and every day. A scarf doesn't have to look like every other bog-standard scarf you've ever owned either, how about something a little more unusual?

This Zara scarf/wrap £19.99 (in the sale) is perfect for showing a little sense of quirky style, without being too out there.

I was recently sent my first cashmere scarf from Morlands and I've been pleasantly surprised at how much warmer and luxurious it feels compared to my old scarf. How about this Tartan cashmere scarf from Selfridges (£90) -a classic worth investing in (just don't leave it on the bus!)


Scarves are a great way of being a bit more brave or bold with colours an prints. How about this dog photo strip scarf from Paul Smith (£77 in sale)? Like your very own instagram album but to wear!

Scarves don't just have to be long and rectangular! How about a triangle shaped scarf like this Alexander Mcqueen scarf (£265)?

Or a loop scarf/snood, like this Hugo Boss one (£39 in sale) 

Feeling a bit more dapper? Asos styled their bandana as a micro scarf! Like a little cravat.

An oversized scarf is not only stylish but super warm! This one is £9.99 from amazon