#Maxxmystyle Outfit 2 - Rockalily Style sponsored by TK Maxx

 You may have caught my #maxxmystyle outfit post 1, well its a week long event, so here is day 2!

This is a sponsored post but all views are my own.

I went for Rockabilly Neutrals - which is leopard print of course! I went for a ram skull cotton top, with a leopard print pencil skirt, with leopard print DM-esque boots.

Tk Maxx give this advice on how to get the best from their stores:


·       Enter TK Maxx with an open mind. Your treasure hunt begins here.

·       Get organised. Grab a trolley or basket and prepare to load up when you spot something you love.

·       Make light work of the rails and follow this formula. Department (eg. womenswear).  Category (dresses) and size.

·       Deliveries arrive every day (sometimes more) and no two stores are the same, so be prepared to have a new look every time.

·       What you see is what we have. There are no stock rooms, everything comes straight from the delivery to the shop floor. Remember, when it's gone at TK Maxx, it really is gone. Be decisive and sharpen your elbows...!

In recent years all of the TK Maxxs near me have been refurbished and they're all much more pleasant to shop in than they used to be! Have you tried one recently?

Style Tour dates:

1.    Tuesday 22nd October- NEWCASTLE 

2.    Tuesday 29th October- CARDIFF