#Maxxmystyle Outfit 1 - Rockalily Style sponsored by TK Maxx

This is a sponsored post, but all views are my own. 

If you follow my Daily Outfit Posts, you may well know that I buy a lot of my stuff from charity shops. I enjoy the challenge element to finding something hidden away, and the surprises that can be found each day as new stock arrives. However, I’ve recently been visiting the high street more often, and recently found an awesome dress in TK Maxx (where you get to enjoy the same treasure hunt style of excitement of a charity shop!). So when I was asked to take part in TK Maxx’s new ‘A Word to the Wise’ campaign to encourage people to have more fun with their style, I leapt at the chance!

I’m a big advocate of being bright, bold and brave with your clothing choices. I love getting dressed each morning, with a wardrobe full of exciting colours and styles to choose from. Life's too short to wear dull clothes.

#Maxxmystyle will involve me visiting TK Maxx once a day for a week, and selecting a fabulous new look for my outfit of the day. They have daily deliveries and no stock rooms, so the floor should be full of new options for me to pick from each visit. 

Today's outfit was a going out look, a leopard print dress, black heels (a nice rounded toe for a more classic look), a clashing leopard print clutch and a snuggly warm green coat. 

I hope you'll follow my #maxxmystyle outfits for the next seven days to see what I manage to find! Do let me know whether you've tried TK Maxx recently, and found anything interesting!

Style Tour dates:

1.    Tuesday 22nd October- NEWCASTLE 

2.    Tuesday 29th October- CARDIFF