March 20th over the last 3 years


The odd thing about being an #ootd blogger is that I can randomly compare myself. So this morning, rather than post an outfit post (I'm doing a lot of painting and decorating so I look rather dull!) I picked a date - March 20th, and pulled out the last 3 years outfits!

March 20th 2012 was before Rockalily Cuts existed, and I was wearing Tara Starlet dungarees with a H&M leopard print shirt. I was looking forward to heading to Viva Las Vegas 15.

March 20th 2013 and the salon had been open nearly a year, and I was excited about heading off to Viva Las Vegas 16 .

March 20th 2014 and I'm not heading anywhere just yet, I've got a second premises to get open!