Managing your email inbox for an easier life


In the process of attempting to streamline my business life and personal life, I have been changing how I deal with emails.

1) I now work with the goal of a zero/empty inbox. I am rarely there, but I am now always on a maximum of one page. It makes me feel less stressed having less emails sitting there (laughing at me).

2) If an email will take under 3 minutes to just answer, I don't allow myself to save it for later. If I have read it, opened it, and it can be answered quickly. I just do it. Then I file it away.

3) I have more folders. This means that when I have filed something I no longer worry that it would be hard to locate should I need it again.

4) I use a separate junk email to sign up for things. It means my main work email stays pretty junk free.

5) If there is something that takes longer when responding to an email, the action gets added to the diary. The email can then be filed or left in inbox, depending on what you prefer!

Do you have any tips for staying on top of emails?