Making leaps and taking the plunge

I have been blogging less, and even tweeting less, recently as I have had a lot of thinking to do. Rockalily has some exciting things happening, and big business moves take a lot of brain energy!

I have always loved the above cartoon, mainly for the second frame. 

'Because we're grown ups now, and it's our turn to decide what that means.'

My own personal mantra is that we live the life we choose, and this cartoon represents that in a funny and sweet way!

It got me thinking about how we make decisions. Some of us like to be practical. Making lists, evaluating pros and cons, researching every possible outcome. Some prefer to trust a gut feeling, and I'm sure that most people lie somewhere in the middle of these two.

Risk is scary and exciting. Risk is part of running a business, but we all have different levels of risk that we are comfortable with, and we all have different things we feel we can afford to lose. The risk-adverse amongst us probably aren't setting up their own businesses, preferring the relative stability of being employed.

Personally, I accept that if I want to reach where I want to be, that I will have to take risks, and make big decisions. If it were easy everyone would be doing it! I also find my gut pretty reliable, and well-tuned!

How do you decide whether to make the leap and take the plunge?