Making a Book Safe

Stuck for a quick and thrifty gift idea? How about a book safe? This is a 'magic' book, which will sit on a book shelf while secretly storing your valuables or secrets. 

I read a few pinterest instructions, but definitely found it more challenging than it appeared to be! I'm not a natural crafty person unfortunatey.

Firstly my local art shop didn't have mod podge, so I used PVA mixed with water (many places online recommended this). I found it took much longer than I'd anticipated, and I had to re-do it over and over each day, to make it firm enough to hold. Perhaps I  added too much water?

The cutting wasn't actually too bad, but it looked a little scrappy, so I decided to neaten it up with some decoupage, and just glued some torn up pieces of the pages I'd cut away.

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