Make a Date at Westfield London


Last night Westfield offered me a free dinner to bring a mate for a date to Westfield London. My dinner was free, but I was under no obligation to give a positive review (disclosure over).

Westfield isn't really my usual habitat. I've been a couple of times, but as 95% of my clothes are bought in charity shops shopping malls don't hold much interest for me right now. So I was pleased to have an excuse to visit again, considering I ironically enjoy malls when I visit the USA.

I was surprised at just how many restaurants there were! What made it nice was that the restaurants are outside the mall, and don't particularly feel that connected, so you could visit them without the feeling of being inside a shopping centre. I go on a lot of first dates (grrrrr ;-) and it did cross my mind that it would be good for a date, as you could browse menus from lots of new and modern restaurants.

I invited a Wonderful Woman so that we could have a good catch up over our prosecco. We've actually got a meeting tonight, but some one-on-one time is sometimes needed too!

We went to The Real Greek, and we chose our food from a '2 courses for £10' menu. I may have also added a dessert! He he. I am eating 'well' these days, so I had dips with crudités (rather than with bread), and left the bread from my main. My pudding was orange slices with pistachios. It was nice to go out for a meal and find it easy to find food I was happy eating. If we had paid for the food it would have cost £14.50 I believe. A bargain!

Do you find restaurants challenging? I'm a vegetarian who likes to eat vaguely 'clean', and definitely find that it needs a bit of advance thought!