Magazines Are Out Of Touch: Eva Wiseman's Guardian Article

If you know me, or follow my tweets regularly, you may know that I'm not a fan of the majority of magazines aimed at women. In a vaguley ironic way, you can see me, in my bra and pants, on the front of the pictured magazine with the strapline, 'Men Can't Resist Our Bodies'. Oh yes.

Eva Wiseman published an article today called 'How Time Stands Still in Women's Magazines' and it rang so many bells that have been tolling in my ears for ages now!

To place my own opinions in context, let me explore briefly my own relationship history with magazines. I grew up with girl magazines like Bliss, Sugar, Smash Hits, before I 'upgraded' to Just Seventeen (to become J17). Then came More, the closest we could get to explicit sex advice before the internet! As an adult, I would happily read the weekly celeb magazines, the monthlies and pretty much anything I could buy for the bus ride. I have devoured red carpet disasters, poured over glimpses of cellulite and tracked bumpy relationships.

However...I just stopped caring. I'm now 29 and don't care who is dating who. I don't care if a woman bends over at the beach and has a roll of fat, and I certainly don't need a red circle pointing it out to me. I don't care about an Essex girl and what nightclub she was spotted in. I also don't care what is in person's fridge.

I don't mean that with any judgement on anyone who does care, just that I do not, and I don't find many options in the magazine world, and I surely cannot be alone. Eva Wiseman proves I am not!

If I buy a fashion magazine I have to literally stop myself gasping at how many adverts I have to pass before finding any actual content. I'm paying near enough a fiver to have a catalogue. 

Go and read Eva's article and do let me know if you think magazines are out of touch. I just wish they had bigger freedoms away from the demands and expectations of the advertisers. Life is interesting, rich and varied. I wish magazines were able to reflect more of this.

It is also a rather chicken and egg situation considering in the years I have stopped reading those magazines I have never felt better about my body!