and Kraken Rum

After thinking that I hadn't got any flowers for Valentine's day, I was gifted two in the days following. Funny how the universe can work sometime!

My first, was a Valentine's gift I picked up a couple of days late from Kraken Rum, and who wouldn't feel the love with some rum and a black rose. Brilliant PR Kraken, bravo.

kraken rum valetines

Next I headed off to a press evening for, which also ended up with me getting some gorgeous flowers in my life. Woohoo.

reeree rockette and erica

We were given a floristry lesson from Bloomon, and we got to work creating out masterpieces.


We explored the furniture had in their showroom and I couldn't resist blending in to the beanbag that matched my hair!

made dot com

We also had a cocktail lesson from Mr.Lyan, and we got to take our creations home (as well as drinking a few while we did so!)


It's hard to get a PR event right, there's often lots of awkward standing about with not much to do, but this one ticked so many boxes. The food on offer (you've often come straight from work) wasn't just cakes, but gorgeous fresh and unusual salads. Encore guys. Encore.