Macbeth, James McAvoy and a mild panic

For christmas I bought Mother Rockette tickets for us to see James McAvoy in Macbeth. I wrote a card, describing her night out, and we waited patiently till February to attend.

I wrote it in my diary, and we looked forward to seeing it. My tickets hadn't arrived, but I know they often come pretty late.  With four days to go, I decided to phone the theatre to see if they had sent any, or if I just needed to print the email out.

As I read the email confirmation number over the phone, I noticed the date. The tickets were for today. For 90 minutes time. Uh oh.

So I phoned my mother in a panic, and informed her she needed to get ready quick smart! Luckily for  me, my dog loves my apprentice (who lives locally to me) so Ellington could be taken home with him for a few hours. And off I ran!

We made it with 30 mins till curtains up, thank goodness! What a waste of money and effort that would have been! I was fuming with myself for making such an error! 

It's been a while since I've been to the theatre, and I'm always pleased when they are small enough to feel like everyone gets a good view.

Rather oddly, despite doing English GCSEs and an English A Level (and they becoming a primary teacher with an English specialism and a librarian) I've never actually been to a Shakespeare play. I did study Macbeth in year 9, but couldn't really remember most of the details of it.

Shakespeare is challenging to watch if you don't know the play, but somehow the language can still really enjoyable. Poetic, and very pleasurable to the ear.

The fact that the very same words have been performed for over 400 years is pretty astounding, and you don't need to understand every word of the play to feel the power of that. 

James McAvoy was simply stunning. Almost breathtakingly good. His performance really made me appreciate the talent required for such a performance.