Losing my phone = the ultimate in decluttering?

I lost my phone this week. My brilliant and well loved Samsung Galaxy S4. It allowed me to run my business from where ever I was, booking appointments in, social media-ing, and keeping in touch with my life.

The rather odd thing about not having it, is that I'm not missing it as much as I'd presumed. I haven't had to be away from my laptop for any significant periods of time, and I imagine when I do, I'd feel more stressed out about being out of touch. The S4 did allow me to work on the go.

I've no doubt I'l change my mind, but for now, I'm enjoying being phone free. I haven't bought a replacement, nor have I ordered a new SIM. Yesterday I read half a book because I didn't have my phone to look out.

I'm looking with my rose tinted glasses at Nokia 3210s (originally out in 1999 and one of the most successful phones of all time).. It texted, the battery lasted for days and you could switch the covers to feel fancy. I adored mine, it's amazing how hi-tech they felt back then.

In an odd way, I don't even mind that I've lost all of my pictures. Maybe it was time to let them go anyhow.

Could you cope without a smart phone?