Looking different and the attention it can bring

I'm not sure what has switched in my mind, but I've been out partying a lot recently. If you know me, I'm not really a party girl anymore, but have been letting my hair down for some reason!

So last night I was reminded about how 'odd' we look to some people, as I was at a very mixed house party. I was asked why we were all dressed the same, with the same sort of hair. As in, was there a reason or occasion to explain our 'look'.

Don't get me wrong, I get that we stand out, and we're not an average looking bunch of people, but it always surprises me when people want some sort of explanation from me. Maybe I forget that a lot of people don't see many unusual looking people?

This picture makes me laugh......I'm able to pose in half a second flat!

Oh and in that top picture, five out of six of us are heading out to Viva Las Vegas next month........eeek!