Looking back on my 2013



I did a reflection on 2012, this time last year so I figured I'd do the same again this year!


I have to of course start in January 2013 with my resolution to change my lifestyle, and here I am in my first gym outfit, ready to get going.






 Also in January 2013 I had an Essex make over, which was so much fun!

January was also the month that our first TV feature went out on Channel 4!

In March I posted my first 'after' picture of my new healthier lifestyle choices which felt so scary at the time!





In April 2013 I wore a bikini. That was news in itself. But yes of course, the more interesting news was that I was at Viva Las Vegas again!









At the end of April, the BBC came to film a documentary on the history and culture of British hair.

In May 2013 I headed up to Cambridge to give a talk on social media and business. I love giving talks! It's the old teacher in me.

We had such a lovely summer, and I enjoyed wearing all my 'hot' clothes. July 2013 was time for The Chap Olympiad again! My favourite summer event!

July was also the month I went to see Alex Clare at Somerset House and I had such a great time. I don't go to much live music, and he just made my heart soar. I definitely need to do more stuff like this.



The end of August saw me head off to Brighton. The sunshine was glorious, and having lived in Brighton I adore visiting. I was dating a lovely new guy, and we went for an impulsive weekend away. It was a really happy time. 

September and another trip away (with my then boyfriend) to a musical festival in Richard Branson's garden (fields!). It was the first time I'd camped for a music festival, and I had such fun. Free food, free booze, and sunshine. I felt pretty blissful.


In October I finally changed my hair colour. I'd been blue for a year, to give my hair a rest, and I decided to go for pastel blue. I know its a hard-to-achieve and sought-after hair colour, but I just didn't really enjoy having it.

In October I also flew over to Amsterdam for the day to get an Angelique Houtkamp tattoo. I've been such a fan of hers for years, it just had to be done. It was my 31st birthday present to myself. Not my only tattoo of the year of course, but definitely the one that took the biggest amount of planning!



2013 was also the year I started sort of cooking. I now own a food processor, a juicer, a microwave and a slow cooker - all bought this year. I'm eating more vegetables than ever before, and these photos were me trying a cauliflower crust pizza. 

December came, and I finally waved good bye to blue hair, and went brown. Luckily I love it, as I can't go blue again for a long time!

So I end 2013, brown haired, slightly smaller, healthier from the inside. Single again, with new business plans afoot. What on earth will 2014 bring?! Tons more ace stuff I hope!