"Look at the state of you.....Ruined."

There seems to be a myth that older people have more manners than younger ones, but I find that rudeness spans all generations in equal amounts. 

I was out walking today, and an elderly gentleman on his own moaned very loudly towards me,

"Ugh, look at the state of you. Ruined."

Firstly, how darn rude. No one is important enough that the world wants their unsolicited opinions on everything. You don't have to like everything, but vocalising your thoughts is poor manners and no one cares what you think. If you have nothing nice to say, keep those negative thoughts to yourself.

Secondly,  I'm presuming he is talking about my tattoos, rather than my fashion choices, what exactly am I ruined for? A career? A husband? 

Thirdly, I'd place bets that he wouldn't speak out at a heavily tattooed man in the street. Maybe men aren't pure to begin with, and can't therefore be ruined, or perhaps he's just too wary of getting a punch in the face.

I almost wish I'd had time to process what he said to me quick enough to ask him where he'd left his manners, but I guess my manners kept me quiet.