London Skyline Tattoo from Jesus Cuesta

 Even back when I used to have more precise ideas for tattoo ideas, I've always been a 'yes' tattoo client. I rarely make changes to a design, I don't usually need many goes at placing the stencil, and I usually accept any ideas the tattooist brings. I'm in no way saying that this is a good way to be, just the sort of tattoo client I am! It's not failed me so far though!

Through the magical looking glass of Instagram I discovered Jesus Cuesta, a tattooist in Madrid. I've always wanted a 'London' tattoo but never managed to find one I've liked the look of. Then I saw these tattoos that Jesus had done, and I knew he'd be the perfect man for the task.

By chance I saw that he was tattooing for a few days in London, at the new studio Seven Doors Tattoo, which is now home to many tattooists I admire the work of, so I jumped at the chance of an appointment.

Jesus hadn't drawn anything up prior to my arrival, and we had a quick chat about ideas (I'd emailed showing the ones of his I'd admired). We talked about 4 different potential placements for it, and I let him choose. Although I'm trying to fill my arms, I don't blame him for going with my leg! It means the design wouldn't need shrinking and wouldn't wrap around (my forearms are quite narrow).

We got to it, and after a time the outline was done. I glanced down over the book I'd brought to read, and knew I'd made the right choice! I love the detail of London blended with the right amount of tacky kitsch. I couldn't wait to see the colours (again I let Jesus completely choose the colour palette).

A more modern element of a tattoo appointment is now the customary "How do we get a good shot of this before it goes gross for 2 weeks". 

I think this one just had to wait for the right time. I had no clue how to make a London tattoo 'cool' but was still convinced I wanted one, one day. This one was made for me (literally of course!).