London Fashion Week Blow Dry from Wella Instamatic

Today I was lucky enough to be offered a London Fashion Week blow dry at Premier Models with Wella. Wella are promoting a new temporary colour called Wella Instamatic, which I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for to give a go in the salon too!

Getting your hair washed and blown dry is always such a great opportunity to just treat yourself to an hour away from your real life. Having swishy hair always makes the world seem a little bit better. 

I felt a bit guilty this morning, turning up with my weave post a busy weekend and a 10k run, but like any good hairdresser, my lovely stylist didn't allow my guilt to last long. We're meant to go to a hairdresser when our hair isn't very nice, otherwise they'd be no point in going!

If you fancy a wash and blow dry you could always try our blowdry bar, where a blowdry is £25