London Fashion Week Bloggers' Lounge

Now, I'm not at the fore front of cutting edge fashion myself (I just know what I like when I like it) so London Fashion Week can just pass me by sometimes. However, don't get me wrong, fashion, style and makeup are a key part of my life, but perhaps in a slightly different way than how LFW tends to represent it.

This time however, I have had a few invites to some blogger lounges, so off I trotted to be all fashion-fashion ;-)

I used the event hashtag to find some other ladies who were going, and met up with beauty blogger Phoebe and fashion blogger Shona. It's always nice to arrive with people!

We posed in leather jackets and had our pictures taken, which we then got to take home. I'm not 100% sure what to do with mine now though! Maybe Mother Rockette would like them - he he!

We got a goody bag of new make up try - its from Thin Lizzy, which is a New Zealand brand.

The powder is a 6-in-1 mineral powder, but my sample is in Dark, so I have trialled it just as a bronzer. I sometimes use bronzers as blushers, as I like the shade difference, rather than always going for a pink tone. The powder was nice, which I guess is due to it being a mineral powder, which I haven't used before.

I was excited to get a new liquid eyeliner to try, as I definitely think I'm a bit of an expert, with high expectactions!

Now this isn't a blog showing perfect application, just my quick application for today! It went on nicely, and didn't crease up onto my eyelid.

I will let you know how the make-up survives the day!