llamasqua Night Time Diva Make Up School - learn to do your own perfect smokey eye

This evening I attended a make up course at llamasqua, a two hour practical session to learn how to be a 'Night Time Diva'. It costs £50.

The course description is:

"Mastering pigments, becoming confident with colour, experimenting with lashes and learning how to create the ultimate make-up statement."

They start by demo-ing the first element, and then they leave you to attempt to copy it on yourself. 

We started with eyes, so that all of the fall-out can be cleaned easily, rather than the more standard way of base first. It makes perfect sense, and it's odd that more of us don't do it this way. It is quite hard to feel ok about your eye efforts without the made-up face though!

We used a pencil, which I steer away from, so I was pleasantly surprised with my use of it! The application and the blending technique was also very different to my usual attempts, so I immediately felt inspired!

Here I am half way through my attempt!

It was great to be able to play with different brushes, as often that is a main difference between people who 'do' make up, and those of us who feel a bit rubbish at it! Brushes can be expensive, and I always worry I'll buy ones I don't really need.

We moved on to eyebrows, which I struggled with, as I'm such a fan of my Beautiful Brow kit. I asked twice for black brow cake, but it just wasn't black enough for me. I also struggled a bit with creating the right shape - precisely why I love my brow kit (they come with stencils!).

After brows, we were on to skin, we used a primer and then some liquid base. I was matched to 03 I believe, but in the harsh mirrors I wasn't very happy with it. The colour was fine, but I found it very cakey. However in my light at home it seems much better.

After foundation we tried some basic contouring, with an eye shadow. The teacher explained that Ilamasqua use products all over, not just for their prescribed use, so the contouring is usually done with an eyeshadow. I guess it could mean that things work out better value!

Next was blusher, and it was good to wear it in the 'right' place for once! 

Finally a slick of lipgloss. Done!

It's definitely a heavy make up look! You get 20% off purchases made after the course, and I bought the eye pencil, which turned out to be the s.o.p.h.i.e pencil, where £3 from every sale goes to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

I also bought the contour powder - A powder eye shadow called Heroine, as contouring is something I have wanted to master since my mainstream 'essex' make over.

My face is definitely not perfected, and I'm still not completely sure I'm aiming for, but I definitely picked up a few ideas I'm keen to try out. The session is pretty good value, and its always great to pick up some new ideas on the hunt for your perfect look.



ETA - I will do better reviews of the products I bought, but having worn my make up for a few hours, it has creased and worn away sightly. I look forward to trying using my MAC primer - watch this space!