Life happens, but you get to choose how to react to it

Life happens. We cannot always control things that happen to us. We do not get to choose our parents, and we do not get to choose when or how disease will strike us or our families. We may lose our job through no fault of our own, or we may have to work a job that we don't adore.

But we all have the ability to change how we act, react and think about the things that life throws at us. We can choose optimism and trust that better times are around the corner. We can believe that we can always control our lives and make things better. We can get up, seize the day, and do whatever it is we can to be happy/happier.

Some people become lazy, or unable to see a way out, while others get up, get dressed and see what they can achieve that day. What one thing can you do today to get you one smidge closer to where you want to be?