Letters from the 1940s - letter number 5

Jimmy has been sending letters to his wife Marian, and this is the fifth installement.

You can read letter no 1, letter no 2, letter 3, and letter 4 here, although I do not know the actual order they were sent in. These were just the order I posted them in!

The next letter came in this enveope, but it is addressed to someone completely different. This may be because Marian was staying with someone else, or perhaps the letter doesn't belong to this envelope at all.

The envelope is dated 27 Jylu 1953 and is addressed to Mrs A Jones.

The back of the envelope is stamped with a solicitor's stamp.




I enclose copy of some of the work I have done for the F.F.C. Keep it to yourself. It is a confidential job - Mr Watts knows what is inside.

You own Hubby

Send me your criticisms of it & check the quotations the are ?????


He has referred to being some sort fo writer before, and the F.F.C refers to Fire Force Commander. He talked about writing for the F.F.C in letter 3 so this may be the same sort of time. I cannot read the final word....any ideas?


See the final letter here.