Letters from the 1940s - letter number 4

Jimmy has been sending letters to his wife Marian, and this is installment number 4. Although some are undated, this one has an envelope dated 11 Octover 1944.

You can read letter no 1, letter no 2, and letter 3 here, although I do not know the actual order they were sent in.


In the top right of the paper is a crest embossed into the paper.




I can't say a lot to you this week I am right in the thick of it at Cranemoor. I shall have lots to tell you when I come home next week.

The course is going nicely. To night (that is in an hour at 8 o'clock) I am giving them a talk on music (by request). Mr Nurse and myself are rushing about all over the place. Receiving the lectures, supervising the groups etc. I am putting in a fair amount of extra work seeing lights out at 11 o'clock and so on. I shall get to work on George next week so that I can spend as much time as possible with my own love. I will send you a letter giving you fuller information about my leave as soon as I can. It may by Monday or Tuesday before I know because this week end I am going to Southampton to help with the final arrangements for this concert and to be present on the Sunday afternoon.

I shall have to stop now it is supper time and being classed as an instructor this week I have to be prompt at meals as an example to the students.

All my love

Your very own



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