Letters from the 1940s - letter number 3

I came across a little bundle of vintage letters, and have been blogging about Jimmy and his wife. You can read letter no 1 and letter no 2 in my previous posts.


                                 Tuesday Aft.


                                 Hinten Wood Av

                                 Highcliff On Sea

                                 Nr Bournemouth



I can't tell you a lot yet. I've lost my stripe on leaving my old region but I've talked my way into a new job down here. My new Fire Force Commander wants me to work a pithy account of his big reorganisation of the service as seen through the eyes of a northerner, to include all the feelings on leaving home & arriving in the new region. Its a job for a journalist but I shall make a valiant attempt at it. I'm retained on the staff of the above address whilst I do this job (2 weeks or so) I shall also entertain a bit as there are facilities here for it. Possibly I shall be able to make a permanent place for myself. With regard to Civics I don't know yet. I may possibly do a bit of gas lecturing also. I'll tell you more as the situation develops.

I love you & think of you constantly. Keep smiling darling. I'll keep you informed of my situation here. You that your hopes and fears are mine also.

Another letter tomorrow, with all my love


the 30/- have been paid to me & the 15/- will be (probably) sent direct to me.


I particularly love the final paragraph about sharing hopes and fears. I'd love to understand the letter a little more.  Why would a non-journalist be writing for a Fire Commander with his perception as a Northerner? What does he mean when he says he lost his 'stripe' on leaving his old region? Gas lecturing? Who will he entertain?

So many questions!

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