Letters from the 1940s - letter number 2

See here for the first letter from Jimmy in the 1940s, and here is the second, one the back of a plain postcard. This one is dated 7th March 1944 and is addressed to Mrs M Hilton, 12 Tamworth Street, Oldham, Lancashire.

Monday                                Cranemoor

Darling M.

I received your letter this afternoon. There are one or two things I want to mention.

1) Food has improved here so I won't need a lot sending only jam and an odd cake at weekends

2) That typed M/S I sent is for you dear to keep. It's really a long letter to you.

3) I may get my leave towards the end of this month. I will confirm this later. Give me your Easter Hol. date again.

4) I've finished my ??? after a big effort to get at it! I will submit it by weekend. Its passable.

5) I love you (should be No 1)

??? Mari devoue


He has used French at the bottom for 'Devoted Husband', and signed himself off with Jacques, although it is the same Jimmy from before. He again has used an unusal kiss sign, an X with a curve over it.

I love point 5, and the fact that it should have been point 1. It is clear that he really loves her. It actually makes me feel quite strange owning it.

Point no 2 refers to a 'typed M/S' which is 'really a long letter to you'. I believe M/S to stand for manuscript, and I can't even begin to imagine what the long letter to her would contain. I bet it was pretty lovely.

Point 4 says he has finished something, which needs submitting and is 'passable'. The word looks like march or Masch, and I would love to be able to read what he means - any ideas?


Letter number three is here!

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Fancy reading number 5 as well?