Less Talk, More Action - joining the gym and lifting weights

So January has been the month of less talk and more action. I have taken 'before' pictures, in the hope of having some fabulous 'after' pictures (it acts as a way of tracking progress as well).

I joined the gym and have been lifting weights. Weights are feared by many women, but they shouldn't be! I'm loving it so far, and if I stick with it, I'll treat myself to some nicer workout gear and trainers. But for now I have got cheap trackie bottoms and whatever t-shirts I have at home already.

Last night I went and I could really notice a difference in what my body was capable of and it feels pretty awesome. Obviously I'm at the start of a really long journey, but it excites me. It isn't a diet or a short term fix. I want to get fit, strong and more healthy. I don't even want to get smaller really. Just better.

Without feeling like too much of an effort, my food choices have improved greatly too, which is nice as I have lived on crap for too long. Somehow the exercise is making me want to eat well, and it doesn't feel like I'm giving something up - just gaining.

I'm making it public as it makes me more likely to work to stick at it! I tend to post more about my gym and food choices on instagram - so follow me there if you're interested!