Learning to be patient - when progress slows down (fitness and business)

I have been finding a lot of similarities between my new healthier living and my business motivations. Yesterday I was having a little dip in my fitness motivation, as my progress has slowed (as it always will after a while). So I grabbed my camera, and took a quick snapshot, to allow myself to see that even slow progress is progress. 

Not all  changes can happen quickly, and sometimes we need to be patient. Changes can take effort, and that effort can sometimes be the practise of waiting. Sticking with it....not vering off course and getting bored.

I am working on some business plans at the moment, and new plans are scary, risky and sometimes, but sometimes to make the changes possible, I just need to start. The progress may not happen straight away, but it does all accumalate. I may need to start, and then wait. But it will come.