Learning how to create a cut crease

cut crease rockabilly make up

I have been wanting to improve my eye make up skills, but a little overwhelmed with what I should buy, and what I should just make do with. So I had a make up lesson! I talked through my products and what brushes I had, and we used a mix of my products and the make-up artists products (so I could try them out). I talked through my usual application methods, and she'd also spent some time looking at my photos online and trying to work out my current level of make up mastery. 

Tip no.1 - Start with the eyes first as you can make a bit of a mess, and not worry about it ruining your lovely foundation.

Tip no. 2 - In the second picture you can see one eyelid is primed, and one is not. If you change one thing about your eye make up routine, make it this. Prime the eye with a nude shade, so that your lid area is ready to hold onto the powder you're going to apply. Here we used Illamsqua Skin Baselift Concealer. It doesn't need to a primer specifically, I use a MAC paintpot, and have also used a Mac cream concealer.

Tip no. 3 - Create the crease first. Here we used a gel liner (blend before it sets) with a small brush.You can see in the final picture it's transferred onto my lid; fear not, we'll be dealing with the rest of the eye later. Just focus on the crease.

Tip no. 4 - We blended a matte nude powder (Heroine from Illamasqua) and used concealer again to tidy up the eye ball area of of the lid. We set the crease line with black powder too, and blended, blended, blended. 

Tip no. 5 - If like me, you're trying to create a bigger looking eye, the main difference I noticed was that she kept the eyeliner line much thinner than I do, leaving more space for the light areas (to create more space). We also need to focus on getting the liner right inbetween the eyelashes on the top lid.

Tip no 6 - Most of my brushes are too large, and I press too heavily when I use them. Go much lighter when applying!

I've always worn very light foundation, and I like heavy coverage. We tried a new foundation, Illamasqua Rich Liquid, and I definitely enjoyed how solid it was. Almost tacky to touch. I really liked how it looked, but it was a mixed colour, so I'm not sure which shade they'd sell me in the shop.