Learn Burlesque with Polly Rae

This week I had the pleasure of attending a burlesque class with Miss Polly Rae. I have worked with Polly, and count her as a friend, but I promise this report/review is honest. I wouldn't bother writing it otherwise!

Now, I have no hidden desire to perform, dance or burlesque.....ever. But I believe in sometimes doing the things you don't want to.....its good to challenge yourself and force yourself out of your comfort zone.

After a quick catch up and drink for courage with Miss P, off we headed to the dance studio. If you ever want to perve over gorgeous men....head to a dance studio (particularly if The Saturdays are auditioning for new male dancers).

The class was full, and it was a great mix - we had a professional dancer wanting to learn the art of burlesque.....right down to me.

Clearly, I already knew that Polly is warm, friendly and talented. But what I loved to discover was that she is a great teacher. She somehow got the balance just right - the professional dancer was learning, women who had been to the same class last week learnt something new....and yet me....the complete novice also felt capable (and I completed my own version of the routine just fine).

What I found sad was the stark reality of how much my body is letting me down. I have had a bad back for over 10 years, and have managed to work out how to cope with it. However, my bad back, mixed with age and less exercise really isn't cutting it anymore.

It has forced me to return to the doctors, to see what else I can do. I have accepted my body for what it is for too long, and actually I need to try and improve it. I need to investigate stretching as a good start.

Performing isn't for me, neither is dancing, but if I were to develop it as an idea I would definitely return to Polly's classes. I mean, how many other burlesque teachers have had their own west end shows? If you have been thinking of dipping your toe in the burlesque waters......Miss Polly Rae may well be your lady.