Las Vegas - 5* luxury.....oh yes please

I'm off to Vegas soon, and I'm excited. Despite it being my fourth trip to Las Vegas, I'm perhaps even more excited this time - it just gets better and better!

I got to Vegas to visit Viva Las Vegas, the world's largest rockabilly weekender, but I love the rest of Vegas too. It's colourful, bold and unlike anywhere else! The rockabilly weekender just makes it a thousand times more colourful and bold, with awesome fashion, hair, dancing and vintage cars thrown in.

I am staying at the hotel where the weekender is held, for ease of access (to wardrobe changes, makeup touch-ups, shoe swaps and carrying less around in your bag) but for the first three nights we had planned to stay on the Vegas strip itself. We were deciding where to stay, looking to enjoy some luxury and glamour but also to be kind to our wallets, and I ended up emailing the team at Their motto convinced me we may be on the same wave length:

Remember, we only have three house rules you must abide by:

  1. Life’s too short
  2. No regrets
  3. Never pass up on a chance to make memories

They emailed back and forth, making me feel like I wasn't a bother at all! Definitely a human being helping out another human being, rather than a scripted sales push. We decided that The Cosmopolitan would be the best choice for me, as its a new 5* hotel on the strip, and he was able to get me a bit of deal (cheaper than the direct price on the hotel's website).

Now I'm all excited! I'm getting the best of both worlds, 5* fun, and then rockabilly madness. Very excited!

The Book Vegas team are also going to see what other fun things they can suggest that I do while I'm there, so watch this space!