Lanzarote in October vs. Menorca in May

lanzarote in october

2017 ended up being the year of the Spanish holiday. Back in May I was lucky enough to be sent to Menorca with the Spanish Tourist Board, and then I took myself off for some October sun to Lanzarote. It seems the trip to Menorca was successful, it opened my eyes to the idea of European holidaying. I'd previously written it off, as perhaps not exciting enough, or a little too "Brits Abroad", and considering I could get to far flung places like Bali for the same amount of money (and spend less while there) it just didn't seem to make sense to stay so close to home. Do you know what changed for me though? Realising how fucking miserable a flight to Bali could be. I definitely found the 13 hour flight to Sinagpore pretty heartbreaking, and you needed to the 2 week holiday in the middle to get over the journeys both way. So when you just want a week away, going too far is just a lot of effort for not enough reward.

lanzarote hot in october.jpg

So, in my search for October sunshine, I ended up choosing Lanzarote, a Spanish island off the coast of West Africa. Sounds a pretty safe bet for sunshine if you ask me. We'd toyed with Greece or Turkey, but it being that little bit later in the year I didn't really trust the weather. I wanted to be as south as possible, for a decent flight time. I figured south meant less likely to suffer from clouds or rain. 

I adored Menorca, in a way that I hadn't expected. It was stunning; really picturesque, and so charming. Not at all 'Brits Abroad', it felt really Spanish. It was quiet, and relaxing, with the most turquoise seas I'd seen in a long time. I came away from it excited and refreshed. 

lanzarote review.jpg

I wasn't really sure what I expected from Lanzarote, I'd heard more about it certainly, and a lot of my travel blogging friends suggested it as a European break for October. I didn't expect it to be as pretty as Menorca certainly, as I just knew it was bigger and more established as a holiday resort.

what is lanzarote like.jpg

The landscape in Lanzarote is dominated by the vocanic mountains, and the black soils. It makes it rather moon-like, or at least what I imagine the moon to look like. The weather was a tad cloudy when we arrived, and I was a little nervous, but by the time we'd arrived at the hotel it was lovely and hot with blue skies. Phew.

lanzarote landscape.jpg
lanzarote or menorca.jpg

On neither holiday did I venture too far to find bars or clubs, but in Lanzarote we decided to try Puerto Del Carmen, just for one evening. We took a 40 euro taxi to explore the busy strip, and to investigate an interesting cocktail bar I'd found on trip advisor. As soon as we were dropped off, we knew we wouldn't be staying long. It was what I'd feared I suppose, a huge street of Irish pubs, Chinese restaurants and sports bars. It was rather odd; it was busy but no one really seemed to be having fun. We drank one drink and quickly hailed a cab to return back to our hotel. Everyone wants different things from their holiday, and we didn't want Puerto Del Carmen.

I didn't return to Menorca, as I was worried it wouldn't have been hot enough, but taking a peek at the weather for this week, they seem pretty similar. Lanzarote did what I needed it to do; it provided a week of sunshine and swimming pools, but it didn't grab my soul in the way that Menorca did.