Lammily - a feminist barbie with stretch marks?

Lammily is a new 'real barbie' based on the average mesaurements of a 19 year old. You can even buy a patch kit, with stretch marks, spots, scars and tattoos!

She's bendy so she can be active, and wears minimal make up as standard.

The crowdfunding happened earlier in the year, and over 19,000 dolls were preordered. They are due to be shipped in the next fortnight. 

I was having a browse the website tonight, but then it crashed due to an 'overwhelming response' so do try and check it out another time!

I'm not anti-Barbie, but I believe we need the power of diversity. I hear a lot of voices that say that dolls don't matter; that Barbie's waist measurements have no bearing on how children grow into adults. However we are all moulded by each and everything thing that we see, over and over as we grow. Children are sold many stories about their worlds; that girls like certain toys and colours, that fathers behave in certain ways etc. Barbie plays a pretty unrivialed position within this childhood narrative.

I adore the idea of Lammily dolls, and I hope they're a huge hit. I'd love to see other ones made too, different nationalities for example. Children crave to see themselves and their own world within their play. Perhaps Lammily can help make their experience of dolls a little more rounded and enriched.