Lakeland Dry-Soon heated airer : Review

Apologies in advance for the seemingly dull review, but everytime I mention my new Christmas gift people seem more interested than I'd presumed!

I eagerly asked Santa for the Lakeland Dry-Soon, which is a heated clothes airer. I got the 3 tier one, which is abut £90 I think.

Now, let me set the scene, so you can appreciate my excitement. I live in a small flat, with very little space for drying clothes. Added to that is the fact that I don't have any central heating. These things mean that drying clothes takes forever, and I'm constantly tripping over driers and damp clothing.

The Dry-Soon plugs in, and all of the bars heat up. I'd read online that it costs about 5p an hour to run (at 2011 prices), and that people often found their clothes would be dry overnight.

I've used it once already, and all of my washing had been put away 24 hours later. Genius.


It's nice and light, and easy to fold flat. I may be in love.