I went on my first run

I didn't feel like it, but if we waited til we felt like doing things, we'd rarely get out of bed. So I finally ran for the first time since September. What I've realised about running is that it's largely a mental exercise. You get better at it, as you become better at feeling uncomfortable. Learning to become a runner is learning to accept uncomfortableness, and being ok in each and every moment. Trusting that its just uncomfortable; your body isn't about to collapse, or break.

I've found that even on a short run like this 20 minute run (which never feels short when you're doing it!), its the first stumbling block you need to prepare for the most. In that first 3 minutes I always feel a few twinges in my ankle or knee, but they always fade quickly. I then need to adjust to breathing. As you run, your body needs to get a lot more oxygen that it would usually, and this feeling of breathlessness takes a little getting used to. But it's just your body doing what it needs to do. Once I'm past that first 5 mins (which always feels so long!) I tend to find my stride. I start to enjoy looking about me, and the sense of my body propelling me forward. That I'm in control of my body and happiness. 

I think what running gives me, is a sense of doing something that seems alien to me. I'm conquering something that doesn't feel a natural fit for me. For my mind, learning to live in each breath, each foot step, away from social media, is the biggest challenge of all, but the most worth it.