Kitsch Kitchen Gift Ideas

I adore this teatowel, it has a really authentically vintage feel about it. I think tea towels are quite a safe present option too, as it doesn't matter if people already have nice ones - we're always swapping or replacing them.

These are more kitsch, rather than authenic, but super cute for someone who loves their kitchen. You get all 6 spice jars for a tenner.

A repro vintage tin can offer a quick gift, and could be extra sweet if you used to tin to house an extra gift!

Most people don't treat themselves to nice aprons, so they can make a cute gift. This one is £20.

Another kitchen item we often don't splash out on, is a 'pretty' dish rack. This one is £15, and would match all kitchens I reckon!

I've given quite a few people knife sets over recent years, again they're something we often don't treat ourselves too very often. I like this rainbow set.

If you were thinking of spending a little more, how about a fun kitchen pan set?