Kisstory at the O2

Last night I was at the O2 for Kisstory! Kisstory is a segment on kiss fm, which celebrates old school music; Uk garage, 90s dance, R&B etc. This is my music of choice, I'm a UK garage girl at heart, and so I was super excited to go and dance like I'm 18 again.


I wore my 3/4 wig from Beauty Works, and just retonged it ready for the big night out.  I like it worn in a mini beehive and to the side. 

I nearly got turned away for not having ID, sadly not because of my youthful looks  (!) but because they scan everyone's IDs in. I don't drive and have misplaced my passport. Whoops. Luckily I somewhat stood my ground and he let me in. That would have been a terrible start to my weekend!

As the O2 is pretty far from my house (both in London of course, but London is a big city!) me and my mate stayed in a hotel room close by. At 3am in the morning it certainly felt fabulous to just hop in a cab for 5 minutes to your bed!

I wore one of our new Rockalily Cuts vests and one of those skirts that are short at the front, and long at the clue what they're called?!



 I had such a blast. Dancing to your favourite music is just pure fun and full of joy. 

I may have indulged in a takeaway the next day....can you guess which dish is mine??