Kickstart some wearable art with Niki P!

I never thought I'd be someone who wears leggings, but I have certainly become one. I spend £80 on gym leggings, and own two of the the exact same black pair of leggings  because they're not see-through and great for lazy work days. My boyfriend bought me Adidas leggings for my birthday. I'm definitely someone who officially wears leggings.

These awesome leggings were sent to be from Niki P, who is currently crowd funding to bring to life her range of wearable art. These awesome leggings can be yours for a pledge of £45, or for a pledge of £65 you can get a custom tattoo designed for you!

They're thick, and comfortable, definitely what a pair of leggings should be! So if you fancy buying leggings with a story, head on over and kickstart Reasons To Smile, Niki P's latest collection. For a pledge of £10 you can even have a piece named after you!