Katy Perry in front lace wig

I am a fan of Katy Perry, both musically and stylistically. She plays with her looks, dipping back and forth from retro to modern in a way I adore. She plays with colours, styles and knows what works for her. She is one of a the few celebrities who rocks bold coloured hair, but of course, most people don't realise how often she uses wigs and hair pieces.

As well as loving Katy, I also love wigs and hair pieces (Katy, we'd be great friends I feel!), so this post isn't calling her out, just sharing the joy of faux hair. The only trouble with wigs, is that people (and clients want to recreate hair that isn't actually hair, or change it as often as Katy seems to!).

At the Grammy Awards this week Katy rocked some lovely pale purple hair. I instantly thought "weave/wig" and wanted to share the joy of changing your look with front lace wigs!

Katy recently posted this picture on her instagram, which is much more likely to be her actual hair, as she looks pretty casual.

The Grammy Awards hair, appears to be a lace front wig, which is a wig that you can blend into your hairline, and more expensive than most usual party type wigs (which often have pretty iffy hairlines best covered with a fringe).

I love these front lace wigs from Darnell Wold (Hair He Goes) as brilliant examples of a quality wig.

These types of pictures are often used as hair-spiration, but they're not a reality for most people unfortunately!

If you don't follow @hairhegoes over on instagram, go and take a peek at his amazing creations!