Just getting on with it.

Sometimes we feel we can achieve anything, and sometimes it's as if the mountain is simply too high. Today, at the salon, I had this delivery arrive.

I was on my own (Ellington the dog doesn't count), and the delivery driver wasn't able to help (the boxes did not fit through the door).

I'm usually a pretty half-glass-full person, but I began to feel a little overwhelmed and very alone! Heavy, and taller than me, I just wasn't sure what to do!

It took a while, but I started small, and I definitely started to get little more hopeful. Bit by bit, despite having sore hands and poor tools, I finally got in.

There are two identical boxes, one of top of each other. A sink unit in each.

The sink inside th etop box was heavy, and I was nervous of dropping it. But again, I just took small movements, and became determined to not let the situation defeat me.

Eventually, after a lot of sweat and a couple of tears, I was successful! It reminded me that sometimes what seems impossible, can certainly be made possible if you just crack on with it.