Just because he's not mean, doesn't mean he's kind

I had an epiphany of sorts recently. In the past I seem to have settled for a belief that a lack of meanness is the same as kindness. That not being rude is the same as being nice. But, alarm bells rang as I've finally realised that so many of us seem to accept these low levels of awesome into our lives.

Of course, you can only expect people to treat you the way you treat them, so you can only demand kindness if you, yourself are kind. Not just not-mean, but consciously and actively kind. Do you behave with kindness?

You are settling for less if you are kind, yet surround yourself with people who are just not-mean. Strive higher, and raise your expectations of what you deserve.

 I'm surprised in myself really, I thought I expected more for myself, but I guess hindsight is 20/20. I'm living and learning!

I read something once that really stuck with me, if you want more of something, give more of it away. If you want love, be more loving. If you want kindness, be more kind. If you want forgiveness, be more forgiving etc.