Jura Whisky Tastival

I'm not a person who drinks alcohol straight, I don't do shots on nights out, and I'm rarely on a 'mission' to get drunk in the quickest time possible. I've therefore never had much experience of drinking alcohol neat.

I was invited by Jura Whisky to a Tastival event, which was a PR event before the main event on 28/29th May. What a great opportunity to try something new! 

Jura is a small Scottish island, and one of the distillery's staff came to us in Shoreditch (a couple of planes and trains were involved) to help us explore 5 different Jura whiskies. They really encourage you to taste your own tastes, rather than telling us what they can taste. They also don't believe in dictating how you enjoy a whisky - ice, water, straight.....all up to you!

One of the whiskies had only been created for 3000 bottles, it was even the man from Jura's first taste of it.

What did I learn?

That I can drink a straight alcohol without embarrasing myself (by choking or crying)

That a tiny splash of water makes it actually quite nice to drink

That drinking a neat alcoholic drink makes you feel ...ahem...tipsy pretty darn quickly