Returning to fitness

I have a confession. After successfully changing my body and lifestyle and maintaining those results for a while, I barely recognise my body right now. My weight has returned,  and although I know the reasons/excuses, all that matters is what happens next.


I haven't wasted time with berating myself. Life happens sometimes and that's OK. Things change and we can't always juggle every ball at the same time.  And that's OK. 

I'm finally ready to get back to where I felt best. 

In the past 4 days I've visited my new gym 4 times. Whoop! I've done it differently this time. I've faced my fears and done classes! Classes have always made me nervous. I'm a super uncoordinated person and I'll always be the person out of time with everyone else. I hate being unable to keep up. But sod it. Classes can push you much harder than solo training so I just found my inner brave and signed up. 

Day 1 was spin, day 2 was fat burn, day 3 was body pump and today was a short solo gym session as my body was so tight after body pump!  

When you want something enough you find a way to make the necessary changes and I finally want it enough again. My clothes don't fit and my body is uncomfortable....chafing thighs anyone?  

I've done it before and I know I can do it again. So watch this space!