Jimmy Choo Clutch - My new dream bag


I was out today with my scrummy friend (and Rockalily model) Miss Banbury Cross, and we happened to pop into Harvey Nichols department store.

I'm not particularly super fussed over designer bags, they usually seem rather dull, and not worth the vast price tags they hold.

However.....today I fell a little bit in love. 



First of all I saw this Jimmy Choo clutch (it is a acrylic so it is solid, rather reminisent of a vintage Bakelite bag).

Jimmy Choo £495

The picture really doesn't do this little bag justice. It called my name, and made me go and pick it up. Then I saw the second one...

Jimmy Choo £495Oh, how I loved both. They fit in my palm so perfectly, and I even took myself to a mirror, just to see myself holding them. They do have a chain as well, but they are just so 'holdable'.

I then spotted the third version- a gorgeous pearl nude.

Jimmy Choo £350This has such a glorious vintage look, and just as yummy to clutch at your side.

Now, that I look online, to perve over it again, I discover the bag comes in other options too! 

Jimmy Choo £595This black version may be a tad more expensive, but I bet it feels glorious. Or how about some glitter?

Jimmy Choo £625I rarely gush over a bag in this way......but I found it so hard to put it down!

It would literally make my life better......well.....certainly prettier.